LordQueen’s Kaonata Foodhaus

Because of our desire to have our own family business, LordQueen’s Kaonata Foodhaus came into existence.

What makes this food business unique from the rest?

We strongly believe and think that everyone of you will agree that, Fried Chicken, is the most saleable food product fried chickenanywhere one may be. There are a lot of businesses engaging in this main product already, however, there is still a room for a particular fried chicken to stand from the rest, and this is where LordQueen’s Kaonata fried chicken comes in. It is mixed with a homemade rub mix which will leave a lasting taste before and after eating and will want you to crave for more. The rub mix contains specific ingredients which absorb even to the chicken’s bones. It’s not just a mere flavor you can find anywhere. The taste really penetrates the meat and will make it as tasty as can be.

Homemade pizza
Kaonata’s Pizza

Our next product is the passionately made wheat based pizza. The homemade pizzas are flavored with a stir fried ground beef with a dash of salt and pepper to taste. We also serve hotdog with pineapple tandem pizza which uniquely tastes delicious due to its distinct pizza dough.

Last, we also serve cakes and cupcakes. The yemma cupcakes and Chocolate Seduction cake are the bestsellers in time with the Christmas Holidays! You should try our food products when you have some time. Thank you so much and Have a Wonderful life ahead of you, guys!

money cake

money cake